When A Patient Leaves Your Practice, It’s Always Your Fault

Not counting moves, death, or other similar situations, when a patient leaves your practice, it’s always your fault.


Don’t believe it? It’s true.


Even if the patient is a complete jerk, didn’t pay, had crazy unrealistic expectations, or an insurance plan so bad that you lose money when they come in, if a patient is upset enough to leave your practice, their perception is that you did something wrong.


And remember – perception equals reality. So no matter what the truth may be, the patient’s view is that you somehow screwed up, causing them to leave your practice.


It happens. Shit happens. No matter how great you are, patients will come and go. So don’t react negatively. When a patient decides to go splitsville, the worst thing you can do is act all smug and righteous. No matter how silly their complaint, apologize and promise to do better next time. Then send them a beautiful hand-written note wishing them luck and letting them know they are welcome back at any time.


At best they will come back one day. And they probably won’t trash talk you to everyone they know. It’s always good to take the high road. The low road is usually flooded, dirty, and full of potholes.

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