When Thinking Like A Dentist Can Be Bad….

thinking like a dentist

When Thinking Like a Dentist Can Be Bad?

Are you thinking like a dentist? As dentists, we want to do really accurate and thorough examinations on our patients. Then we’ll use that data to determine some great treatment recommendations for them.

If we can present those recommendations in an appealing way, our patients may make the decision to take the steps towards excellent dental health. Then we do our best to provide treatment that is as close to perfect as we can manage. Bingo! Our patients are in great health AND the practice is productive and financially successful. That’s when thinking like a dentist can be great!

On the other hand perfection can often be the enemy of “great” or “good enough.” Thinking like a dentist can cause us to have unrealistic expectations of the way others should behave, or the way our practices should operate. Sometimes we just have to relax and do the best we can, knowing that we don’t live in a perfect world.

Thinking like a dentist can also cause “paralysis by analysis” – and we see this all the time! Dentists are often afraid to make a decision to move forward with something because the “timing isn’t right,” or “all their ducks aren’t in as row.” I can’t tell you how many dentists we speak to who want to begin working with us to improve their practice “as soon as they hire a new office manager” or something similar. Then we check in with them a year later and there is another reason not to move forward…..as their practice goals slip away and they are one year closer to not being able to retire on their own terms.

So think like a dentist when it is appropriate. But please don’t let perfectionism get in the way of being really good. And please don’t let “paralysis by analysis” take over your life and prevent you from moving forward!

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