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Which (Dental) Brands Do You Trust?

By February 20, 2020July 14th, 2020Madow Blog
the word trust in big blue letters

A new report powered by Brand Intelligence surveyed Americans to determine which US brands are the most trusted. Included in the top 25 are such venerable brands as Campbell’s Soup (#21), Heinz Ketchup (tied with Campbell’s for #21), and Tide (#11). Which two long term competitors do you think made the list? Coke and Pepsi? No. Hilton and Marriott? Not. Microsoft and Apple? Little shot. But amazingly, both Colgate (#16) and Crest (#18) made the list!

Accordingly, dentists frequently make the list of most trusted professions. And in there is the secret to everything we want – more referrals, higher treatment plan acceptance, lower staff turnover – TRUST! Without that, your great marketing campaign, your complex bonus system that no one understands, and the technique you learned in that slick treatment planning course you just took, will all fail. Everything we do, for our patients, our team, and our community, begins and ends with trust. And you can’t fake that!!

So what brand is the most trusted in America? The United States Postal Service! Yes – we couldn’t believe it either!

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