Which Lemonade Stand Is Your Practice?

In some ways, every business is like a lemonade stand. Here is what our friend Seth Godin has to say about that:

The Lesson From Two Lemonade Stands

The first stand is run by two kids. They use Countrytime lemonade, paper cups and a bridge table. It’s a decent lemonade stand, one in the long tradition of standard lemonade stands. It costs a dollar to buy a cup, which is a pretty good price, considering you get both the lemonade and the satisfaction of knowing you supported two kids.

The other stand is different. The lemonade is free, but there’s a big tip jar. When you pull up, the owner of the stand beams as only a proud eleven year old girl can beam. She takes her time and reaches into a pail filled with ice and lemons. She pulls out a lemon. Slices it. Then she squeezes it with a clever little hand juicer.

The whole time that’s she’s squeezing, she’s also talking to you, sharing her insights (and yes, her joy) about the power of lemonade to change your day. It’s a beautiful day and she’s in no real hurry. Lemonade doesn’t hurry, she says. It gets made the right way or not at all. Then she urges you to take a bit less sugar, because it tastes better that way.

It may take a little longer, but you don’t mind, because you’re engaged, almost entranced. A few people pull over and wait in line behind you.

Finally, once she’s done, you put $5 in the jar, because your free lemonade was worth at least twice that. Well, maybe the lemonade itself was worth $3, but you’d happily pay again for the transaction. It touched you. In fact, it changed you.

Which entrepreneur do you think has a brighter future?

So how about your dental practice? It is also like a lemonade stand.

Do you treat your dentistry like a commodity? Do your patients think they would get the same level of care anywhere else? Or do you personally “squeeze the lemon” for every single patient? Do they feel like they are getting an experience they can’t get down the street?

Does everyone smile and call each patient by name? Are they personally escorted throughout the office?

When you are inserting that crown they just paid a lot of money for, do you act like it is “just another day in the office” or do you tell them how great it looks and “fits?” Do you let them know, for example, that you are using a really cool new material called e.max (maybe you got it as one of your three free crowns from Maverick Dental Lab!) for a great combination of strength and beauty?

Your patients deserve customized top-of-the-line service from you, and hopefully they are getting it. What are you doing to let them know?

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