Which One Are You – Paul Or Ringo?

Paul and Ringo from the Beatles

Have you ever wished someone would pay you more attention in the conversation?

The Beatles are the greatest band in the history of modern music (sorry – this is not up for debate) and the two surviving Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, are certainly among the list of the most famous people to walk the planet.

Recently a friend of ours had the opportunity to meet both Paul and Ringo and was struck by a huge difference in the way he was treated by them.

Let’s face it – neither of these guys probably remembered our friend five minutes after they chatted. But here’s the difference.

In the few minutes he had with Paul, the legendary bass player gave him his undivided attention. He looked him right in the eye, listened closely, and asked great questions. This was incredibly memorable.

His short meeting with Ringo was totally different. The whole time, the famous drummer was looking around, seeing who else was in the room, nodding to his handlers, and visibly not paying attention.  Same amount of time spent; totally different vibe.

Sometimes we only have a few seconds to spend with a patient. It could be a quick hygiene check, or maybe they are asking a million questions causing you to run behind. But it is still our job to give them a great experience.

So when the time comes , who you gonna be – Paul or Ringo??

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