Who Does This In Your Practice?

We all know that patients don’t judge your practice by the integrity of your crown margins.

Things like running on time, the friendliness of the doctor and team, and even sparkling clean bathrooms go a long way in providing your patients with confidence that they are in the right place.

So who cleans your bathroom?

There is only one correct answer to this question, and that is:


No member of the team, including the doctor, should ever walk out of the patient rest room without it being cleaner that it was when they walked in – and fully stocked with supplies as well.

The same goes for every area of your practice. If there is a misplaced item, trash on the floor, a stain or water droplet that needs to be wiped up – don’t wait for someone else to take care of it. And worst of all – never under any circumstances utter the phrase “it’s not my job!!”

Even if you have a cleaning crew that visits every night, keeping the office clean and spiffy looking is the job of every single person in there and it is a never ending one.

And speaking of spiffy looking – no one should ever have food and drink anywhere where a patient can see it. That’s right – no soda cans or Big Gulp cups at the front desk and no snacks anywhere! That kind of stuff should only be in an area that is completely off limit to patients.

Today’s message is a simple yet important one. So start today!!

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