WHO Says It’s Not Safe To Go To The Dentist?

Is it safe to go to the dentist

WHO Says It’s Not Safe To Go To The Dentist?

The World Health Organization is telling people NOT to go to the dentist! What’s up with that? This week the Dental Practice Fixers discuss this issue, and give advice on how to respond to patients who ask “Is it safe to come to your office?”

Then, for our weekly secret shopper calls – you guessed it – we call some practices to ask if it is safe to come in. The results? Not good. Listen to hear what “The Fixers” have to say about the correct way to respond.

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Highlights from “WHO Says It’s Not Safe to Go to the Dentist?”

0:14 – Dr. Rich Madow opens up with what the World Health Organization report is telling people.  They are telling people that it is not safe to go to the dentist.  How should you respond as a dental practice?

0:50 – Dr. Madow reminders listeners to save money by using fattmerchant.  Don’t waste money on credit card charges.

2:00 – Rich mentions about a phone call that he received on 08/13/2020 at 7:30 am from his 85 year old mom.  A report from WHO about dental visits.

3:10 – Is this the end of the world and all patients are going to stop visiting your dental office?  Rich gives his answer.

6:30 – Rich asks for your experience, has this affected your dental office?

7:45 – Rule #1 when responding to a question about is it safe to go to the dentist?

8:10 – Does getting into a debate really help?

9:05 – Rich gives a great tip on how to respond when the question is asked about the safety of going to the dentist.

10:10 – Make your case on why your dental office is safe for them as a patient to come see you.

10:20 – Should you send a mass email to all your patients concerning the WHO report?  Rich gives his advice on this idea.

12:10 – Rich talks about his favorite thing on the dental practice fixers podcast.

12:45 – Rich makes his first call.

14:05 – Rich gives his take on this call.  The caller was very shocked by what Rich shared with her.

15:09 – Did this new caller feel safe coming into this office?  Check it out.

15:50 – Rich makes this second secret shopper call.

17:08 – Rich tells us what his noticed on this call.  Rich does say it is a tough question.  She had to think on her feet.  But…did she make the appointment?

18:04 – Rich gives the caller a grade.  Check out what grade he gives them.

18:40 – Rich makes his third secret shopper call.  This caller took a twist.  Check it out.

21:30 – Rich got a lot of details from this secret shopper call.  More than expected on a new patient call.  Did anything go right with this call?

21:45 – Rich talks about all the things that should not have been said.

22:35 – Rich answers the question: Should you do a cleaning on the first visit from a new patient?

24:30 – Rich gives the caller a grade.

25:00 – Don’t forget to tell your friends to watch the Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.  Thanks for joining us today!

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