Why Didn’t My Last Dentist Tell Me This?

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Why Didn’t My Last Dentist Tell Me This?

When a patient asks a tough question about their last dentist, we need the right answer and we need it right away! On this episode of The Madow Dental Podcast, Dr. Rich gives some great answers to a couple really tough patient questions. Then it just gets totally bizarre with our mystery shopper calls. You gotta hear them! And if you have a question for “The Dental Practice Fixers,” send it to info@madow.com.

Highlights from “Why Didn’t My Last Dentist Tell Me This?”

0:12 – Dr. Rich Madow opens up the Dental podcast by learning more about how to answer when a patient asks questions.  If you have any questions, please email us at info@madow.com or rich@madow.com

1:09 – If you need the best credit card processing low fee than STAX is the way to go!  They provide an incredible price, check it out at madow.com/save

2:26 – Rich will be doing a seminar that is open to the general public in Florida on April 29th, 2022 on a Friday.  Check it out at madow.com/live

3:32 – A patient may ask a question and you need it to be positive, factual and leads them to treatment.  Rich shares this with listeners and viewers.  Their last dentist may have been great but learn the best strategy.

11:25 – Rich would love to send you the dirty dozen to questions that are asked by patients and how to answer them.  If interested, email info@madow.com and make the subject: dozen or text dozen to 443-312-2014

12:31 – Dr. Madow starts the secret shopper calls. The question is asked do you do crowns and how much does it cost.  Find out what these dental offices answer to this question.  See if they will answer correctly or ask to book an appointment.

21:24 – Come to Orlando and join the Madow Center Dental Seminar.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel or give us a good rating on the podcast of your choice.

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