Why It’s Good To Be A McDental Office!

Recently Zagat, the company which rates high-end restaurants across the country, released its latest rating of fast-food chains. The winner in many categories? McDonald’s. Ever go to an airport or mall food court with many choices, including healthy foods and interesting local ones and notice that the longest line is at……..McDonald’s? It happens all the time.

Not too many people would say that Mickey D’s has fantastic food. But one thing they definitely offer is consistency, and apparently that is quite appealing.

One thing that we notice in dental practices across the country is an amazing lack of consistency. Different team members answer the telephone differently. Their answers to patient questions vary widely. Treatment rooms are set up inconsistently. The doctor and hygienist have different clinical philosophies……and the list goes on.

Not having consistency in your practice is confusing to the patients and the team, and wastes time and money. It is imperative to make sure that every team member (including the doc) is on the same page when it comes to every single thing that is done in your practice. It’s the “secret sauce” that makes McDonald’s number one, and can do the same for your practice!

Please make it a point at future team meetings to make sure that everything in your practice is being done consistently (and well!) by every single person in the practice. It won’t cost much, and will pay off big time!

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