Would You Have Sex With a New Patient?

Would you have sex with a new patient?

Sounds like a crazy question. And before you get too offended, in a certain way you just may be trying to do just that!

In the dating world, most women complain that men are way too aggressive.  They’re always going for the “close,” without paying attention to the real details!

“I want to know more about my man before I have sex with him.”
~A somewhat famous woman

Do you think that sounds crazy?

How about this typical scenario at the bar:

Step 1. Man: Here is my cheesiest pickup line.
Step 2. Man: Give me your phone number.
Step 3. Man: Let’s have sex.

Now if you are a man, we know YOU would never do anything like this. You’re probably not even going to any bars!  We realize that!

But whether you are a man or woman, could you be possibly be doing something like this?

Step 1. Doc: Here is my cheesy brochure!
Step 2. Doc: Thanks for calling our office. Come on in.
Step 3. Doc: You need $20,000 worth of treatment. Sign form!

Funny, do you see any similarities above to that scene at the bar?

You might as well be asking for sex. You may have a better chance!

Now don’t get us wrong, this approach will likely work some of the times. And if you don’t mind getting slapped in the face a lot, maybe it’s worth a try.

But as a dentist, you probably don’t want to get slapped in the face every day by new patients.  You want to build relationships, right?

We have been huge proponents of nurturing your new patients. And using the “100% treatment plan acceptance strategy” (see your Mega-Bundle, module 6) is a big one because it always works!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got them to like you first?

Get them to believe in you.

Get them to trust you.

Now you have yourself a great patient!