Adding WOW!

Today let’s make sure your patients know with 100% certainty that they made the right choice to come to your office.

How do we do this? We need to WOW them every single time they come into the office. And we can’t just WOW them once.


It has to be five to ten times per visit!


What is a WOW? It is simply something that they see or experience that will cause them to say…


“Wow, I am in TBDE (the best dental office ever)!!


They may not say it out loud. It doesn’t matter; they just need to say it.


What’s an example of a WOW? Glad you asked. We’ll give you just one example today. Then we’re going to make you think of at least four more for your office.


OK, here we go. A great starting WOW would be to have the most incredible patient rest room in the world! How nice should it be? It should be a cooler looking restroom than most people have in their own homes. And not just a sparkling clean one, we are talking about one with the most beautiful sink, faucet, handles, vanity, napkins, soap, and other amenities. How about this – try continually burning Japanese incense – it’s different, very light, and it gives the bathroom an incredibly nice smell.


It’s a fact! Everyone remembers the restroom. We experienced a remarkable one a week ago at a restaurant and it just made the experience that much more unforgettable.


There’s your first WOW! Try it and let us know how it works out. But come up with more because one WOW is not enough. We highly recommend between five and ten WOWS every time a patient comes to see you. At that point you will separate your office from all of the others in your area!