Write This Down

We love being on stage. It’s what we do. And it’s interesting to note that when we are speaking to a live audience, whenever we say the words “write this down,” we can see mostly everyone pick up their pens or pencils and obey our commands! It’s simply human nature. If there is someone in control, the audience generally listens.

Have you ever thought about your language skills and your choice of words when speaking to your “audience?” After all, you want to be in control, correct?

Let’s pretend you have a patient in the chair and he or she needs a crown. Do you realize the way you tell that patient that they need a crown can mean the difference between them appointing or not?
Most dentists will use terminology like this: “I am going to recommend a crown for that tooth.”

Good way to say it? It’s ok, but are you really in control when speaking like that?

How about this? “Listen. You need a crown on that tooth. Let’s get you on the schedule right away.”

Most people do not realize that by adjusting a few words in the way you communicate has the power to turn you into a more productive dentist. There is no question that the second phrasing will more than double the amount of case acceptances.

Please put some time into rehearsing the way you communicate. And it’s not only the words you use; it’s the body language as well. Make sure your posture is good and that you are confidently looking at your “audience.” You’d be surprised how a little tweaking will make a huge difference!

And when someone asks you what it takes to become a very successful dentist, simply answer…

Practice, practice, practice!

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