Yes, yes, yes. No, no, no.

Yes No Guidelines

Guidelines for Saying “Yes” and “No”

Yes, yes, yes. No, no, no. | Guidelines for which one to say.

Do you remember that Flintstones episode where Fred had a double who could only say “yes” and Barney had a double who could only say “no?” It got them in all kinds of trouble.

Saying “yes” can be one of the most beautiful, generous things you can ever do. But it can also be one of the most harmful. On the other hand, saying “no” is often the right thing to do.

Guidelines for People-Pleasers who say “Yes” and Afraid of Trying New Things who say “No”

If you are a people-pleaser, you may be saying “yes” too frequently. And if you are afraid of trying new things, “no” may be your default for just about anything!

Here are a few guidelines from Fred, Barney, and The Madow Center – some dental some not.

  • Let’s say you are about to let a patient leave your office with dental treatment you are not 100% proud of, say NO.
  • Or what about if you want to do something but the only thing stopping you is that you are worried about what others may think, say YES!
  • If you are asked to take on a task but can’t do a good job, say NO.
  • On the other hand if an obsession with perfection is stopping you from being productive, stop being so anal and say YES!
  • Imagine if you are about to do something but don’t want others to find out about it, say NO.
  • How about if you are about to do something helpful but will not get any credit, say a big YES!
  • What about if you are going to enter a deal that benefits you but not the other party, say NO.
  • How about if you are compromising for someone you love and / or respect and can live with the results, say YES!
  • If you are asked to “slide something past the insurance company,” say NO.
  • Are you given the opportunity to help a fellow human being, no matter how small the gesture, say YES!
  • Are you thinking about if you are asked to cram something into your already busy schedule that you don’t want to do or simply don’t have time for, but just don’t know how to refuse – politely say NO.
  • If you have the chance to share knowledge or teach others a skill, say YES!
  • If something is going to distract you from that which truly matters, say NO.
  • This may be you…if you’ve never done it before and are a bit nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone, say YES!
  • Or if it will create a habit that costs you in the long run, say NO.

Yabba dabba do!

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