You? A Famous Dentist Video Star?

As we have been telling you for quite some time now, video rocks for many reasons. It attracts attention as well as helps with your Google ranking. The reason is that video gets forwarded, tweeted, shared, posted, and basically watched over and over again.

So when we received a couple of practice building videos from Dr. Michael Goldstein a short time ago we looked at each other and said “Heck, these are pretty good! Let’s post them so all of our Madow friends can see them!”

So here they are. If you are thinking about hiring a new team member any time soon, you should definitely check Mike’s videos out. They contain some helpful tips that will get you thinking. And by the way, if you have some good tips to share, we welcome you to make a short little video (less than a minute is ideal), upload it to YouTube, and then send us the link. If we like what we see, who knows… you may just be the next famous video star!