Two of the most common questions that The Madow Brothers are asked after a seminar is…

“How can I do what you guys are doing?


How can I speak for a living and actually get paid for it?”

Speaking to dental groups is so rewarding and a tremendous amount of fun. But it’s not a skill that is easily learned. And even though The Madows are both very comfortable in front of a group, they each feel it took them over one-hundred presentations to really get good at it!

So if you have ever thought of doing a speech or talk of some kind, here are a few tips for you. It is called it “Pro vs. Hack!”


Arrives at the venue one hour before the talk begins, checks the room, and then hides out and relaxes in a “green room” or a nearby Starbucks.


Doesn’t realize that travel is unpredictable and sweats out a traffic jam, arriving to the venue just in the nick of time and totally stressed out.


Does a complete check of their video program, audio materials and microphone before doors open. The crowd enters to a video “splash screen” and appropriate music.


Checks their PowerPoint and microphone with the audience already in the room, or worse yet, doesn’t check things at all, leading to a technical disaster.


Commands the stage and the audience with an opening line that makes everyone take notice.


Timidly stands behind a podium and says, “I’m not really a professional speaker…”


Keeps the crowd so entertained all day they don’t even realize how much they are learning.




Understands the importance of the room layout, amount of seating, screen placement, and a thousand other details, and has them all arranged ahead of time.


Just “shows up” and hopes for the best. It never is.


Has a precisely planned out and rehearsed program geared for maximum audience response, yet delivers it in a way that looks spontaneous.


Sounds like they are reading a script or comes off as a discombobulated mess.


Leaves the crowd wanting more.


Leaves the crowd wanting a nap.


Has a contract and rider that spells everything out so there are no surprises with the sponsor, venue or audience.


Agrees via email to a non-specific arrangement and leaves everything to chance.


Knows how to tactfully “sell” to the audience in a classy way that is appreciated. Earns a nice profit in a “win/win.”


Turns everyone off by being a pitch-meister, or is afraid to sell and misses a huge opportunity.


Interweaves stories and content in a way that entertains the audience and has them remembering the key points.


Quotes boring statistics and reads bulleted lists from their slides.


Uses their nervous energy to positively amp up the presentation.


Looks like they are ready to crap in their pants.


Know how to handle a technical glitch, difficult question, or even a heckler with style, grace and humor.

Looks like they are ready to crap in their pants.

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Baltimore, MD

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Hopefully that was helpful to you if you have ever had thoughts of getting up in public anytime soon. However, there is so much more to being a great speaker we simply can’t put it all in writing.

The good news is, The Madows recently wrapped up the second edition of their two-day “hands-on” workshop – “YOU Can Be A Dental Speaker!” – and it was a huge success!

Whether you already have a few speaking engagements under your belt or have even remotely dreamed of being a speaker one day, you absolutely cannot miss this course! Our small group of attendees learned things that you simply won’t hear elsewhere – things like:

  •  How to identify and tackle stage fright once and for all!
  •  Why the beginning of a speech is so important – and how to do it in a way that will grab the audience immediately!
  •  Exactly what to put in a speaker’s contract – and you do need one! (They shared every word of their confidential contract for this one!!)
  •  You’re a new speaker – here’s how to get groups to actually hire you!
  •  Twelve things that even experienced speakers do wrong. Don’t look like a hack!
  •  How to develop a title for your course that will get people to choose you over the competition!
  •  A simple trick to getting a standing ovation!
  •  Craft the perfect introduction and get things started with a bang!
  •  How to handle questions from the audience – especially ones you do not want to answer!
  •  How to get paid for ground transportation, parking, meals, incidentals, etc.. – and what to NEVER ask for!!
  •  Interested in getting sponsorship? Don’t make this amateur mistake!
  •  PowerPoint, Keynote, Mac, PC – does it really matter? YES!
  •  How to avoid the most common A/V disaster every single time!
  •  A number that can actually determine the success of your program. You need to know it!
  •  How to handle a technical glitch, annoying attendee, or even a heckler!
  •  What is a “BOGS?” You need to know this if you ever want to make the big bucks as a speaker!
  •  Why you should never take questions at the end of your talk – and when to do it!
  •  How we became some of the highest paid speakers in dentistry and how you can to!
  •  How to get energy from the least energetic person in the crowd!
  •  How much to charge for your talk and why!
  •  A pre-program “checklist” so nothing is left to chance!
  • And much, much more!

Who is this course for? If you…

  •  Have always wanted to be a dental speaker but didn’t know where to begin
  •  Have spoken at some study clubs and local meetings but want to take it to the next level
  •  Are already a successful speaker but want to truly take it to “the big leagues!”
  •  Have a great story to share with others that would help their practices or lives
  •  Are curious to see what it takes to be a dental speaker
  •  Are ready to switch to a career that is incredibly fun and fulfilling
  •  Already have a speech but think it can be much better
  •  Want to get more clients for your coaching or consulting business
  •  Have attended a dental seminar and thought to yourself “I can do that!”
  •  Desire to help others achieve success

At their “You Can Be a Dental Speaker” workshop The Madow Brothers had attendees in each of these categories and more! And they all learned more than they could ever imagine and had a great time doing so!

Here is what just a few participants had to say:

“Absolutely fabulous! The information they have given us is priceless!!”

Carrie Lee, Avery, WI

“Phenomenal! I always wanted to be a dental speaker and thought I had the potential to do it. This weekend has made me realize so many things that can make it possible! Thanks – you guys are awesome!”

Kareen Wilson RDH, Bloomfield, CT

“We dealt with stage fright – and everything turned out great!”

Dr. Dell Goodrick, Santa Clarita, CA

“This was a great investment! I really appreciated all of the tips
and pointers, and look forward to my success
on the dental speaking circuit.”

Dr. Jerome Wellbrock, Covington KY

“I advise anyone who has been thinking
about a speaking career to take this!”

Dr. Jamie Oshidar, Roselle Park, NJ

And if you are still a little bit nervous or hesitant – how about this?

Excellent program with a very difficult topic for many people. The instructors were kind, empathetic, supportive and caring. No one was made to feel uncomfortable. All of the critiques were delivered in a constructive non-judgmental fashion with emphasis on the positive. Although the program was loose in structure, all of the materials were covered with good flow through both days. For me this course was a gift from two passionate individuals who truly care for people and dentistry.”

James Carreiro, DDS

Wow! So what do you think? Are you ready to take the next step into the speaking career of your dreams and have a blast doing so? Do you want to learn from two of the most successful veteran speakers in dentistry? What are you waiting for??

Check our schedule of upcoming courses below. But please remember… the first two courses sold out – so don’t hesitate!

Now is the time to finally live your dreams – so call 1-888-88-MADOW right away! Or click HERE for simple online registration. Oh – and by the way, the tuition is an incredibly low…

That’s right – for just $997.00 (not $2200!) – less than the cost of one crown, you will get two full days of top-notch instruction on how to become a successful dental speaker. These are things you absolutely won’t hear anywhere else!! Anything goes at this special workshop – The Madows will tell all!!


Sure – you could try to “start from scratch,” and maybe in five years or so things will start to gel. But the fact is, most people who try to get into dental speaking never generate any success, and many more remain at a low level and just get frustrated.

So why learn the hard way and never get anywhere when you can learn from the best in one weekend and have a great time doing it???

All you need to do to register and get the HUGE tuition discount is call 1-888-88-MADOW. Each of the courses that have been put on to date has sold out, so please keep that in mind when registering.

Congratulations! You are getting closer and closer to your career as a speaker!


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