You Can Be Like Him – A Small Tribute

Steve Jobs was an innovator, a visionary, a leader, a genius.

In the early 1980s he designed, developed and marketed the Apple II – arguably the first commercially successful line of personal computers.

His imagination had absolutely no bounds. The connection between computers, art, music, design and so much more were part of his vision. We wouldn’t be able to hold 10,000 songs in the palm of our hand without him.

Without a doubt he was an individual who changed our world.

And while it is incredibly sad that he only made it to 56, what he accomplished in that time is truly amazing.

Whether you are a “Mac,” a “PC” or neither, a computer geek or a Luddite, a person who wanders into a Mac store in awe or one who has never been to one – your life was changed by Steve Jobs.

And while none of us are Steve – we all have a little Steve Jobs in us. Everyone has a vision, a creative impulse, a desire to make the world better.

In honor of Mr. Jobs – unleash your vision, no matter how small, in any way you can. You too can make the world a better place!!

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