You Hit The Nerve!!!

You Hit The Nerve

You Hit The Nerve!!!

It’s a tough situation – you insert a crown or do a restoration, and then a few months down the road the patient needs endo. So what can make matters worse? When the endodontist tells the patient “You hit the nerve!” That’s a listener question we tackle on this week’s edition of The Dental Practice Fixers podcast, with special guest co-host Dr. Mitchell Josephs.

Then for our secret shopper calls we tackle an interesting question – “My crown ‘fell off.’ Can you ‘glue’ it back on?” Should be a slam dunk, right? Not so fast! Listen to hear what The Fixers have to say!

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Highlights from “You Hit The Nerve!!!”

0:12 – Dave starts “You Hit The Nerve!!!” dental podcast by asking some of the questions patients ask.

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2:05 – MJ is back again as special guest – Dr. Mitchell Josephs.

2:50 – Dr. Josephs talks about his garage and his collections of cars.

3:40 – Dr. Dave Madow asks some questions to Dr. Mitchell Josephs about his college that he attended.

8:27 – A crazy question from a listener.  The endodontist tells the patient “You hit a nerve”.  What should the dentist do?

10:05 – MJ gives his advice on this listener’s question.  MJ tells listeners the #1 reason a person leaves the dental office.  Dr. Josephs tells the listeners and dentists what to do when this comes in.

15:00 – MJ gives his patients options and explains how a root canel works.  Explains the nerve canel and gives a display to the patient what is involved.  Dr. Josephs gives the patient options and writes down in the folder what they decide.

20:15 – Dave mentions how important it is to impart the details of the procedure and how a tooth looks with a model really helps to inform the patient.

20:40 – Dave asks MJ about what his thoughts are on the comments from the endodontist.

20:50 – MJ talks about what happened to him and how he solved the issue for his dental office.

25:14 – Dave makes the first secret shopper call.  Question: My crown just fell off, can you just glue it back on?

29:18 – MJ and Dave discuss the call. They talk about the long pauses.

30:57 – MJ says that he has listened to all the dental podcasts by the Dental Practice Fixers and the one thing that he has noticed is from every caller.  He says don’t bore us, get to the booking that appointment.  Most callers are just boring us and not getting that appointment from the new patient.

32:18 – Dave starts the second caller.

33:40 – Dave and MJ discuss the call and what they noticed.  MJ and Dave didn’t give her an “F”.  Listen to why.  What is the ALASKA?  Learn more from Madow.com.

35:44 – Dave make the third call.

37:24 – Dave gives his feedback.  Caller didn’t even try to make an appointment after talking about the dentist.  MJ gave his comments.  MJ gave his grade for Dave.

40:10 – Dave thanks MJ for being a special guest host on The Dental Practice Fixers Podcast.

40:37 – Dave welcomes your email if you would like to be a guest host.  Please reach out to him at rich@madow.com.

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