You Need To MBWA

You need to MBWA.

Make Blueberry Waffles Artistically?

Model Bikinis While Answering?

Musically Break Wind Anally?

While all of those may be fine (or at least the first two) – that’s not what this is all about.

Here’s the thing. Most dentists hate managing their practices. So instead of being the true leader, we tend to hide in our private offices between procedures, hoping that everything on the outside is going well. It doesn’t work!

That doesn’t mean we should micro-manage every detail; driving our team crazy and hurting productivity. But just about every dentist / manager / leader could stand to know more about what is really going on in their practice.

That’s why you need to MBWA.

It’s a phrase used by business management guru and best-selling author Tom Peters, and it means “Managing By Wandering Around.”

When you have a free minute, don’t hide in the private office. Go greet a patient in the reception room. Say something like “Hello Janet – great to see you! Dolores will be taking you back in just a minute.” They will love it!

Walk around and listen to what your team members are talking about. You can learn a lot, nip some problems in the bud, and even diffuse some difficult situations you didn’t even know existed.

Stop hiding in your office. Listen. Observe. Act. Manage By Wandering Around. You’ll be amazed at what you can see, how much you can learn,  and most of all, how much your practice will improve.

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