Your Office Pic HERE?

Want some incredible free publicity?

One of our favorite tips is to have a pic taken of your entire team. Print it out (large size) and get a frame ready. But before you put it in the frame, think of one of your favorite restaurants in the area of your office. I will use our example of Sonny Lee’s Chinese Restaurant here in Reisterstown. Take a black Sharpie marker and write on the picture “Sonny Lee’s… The Best Chinese Food in Reisterstown” and sign it Dr. Madow and his entire Smile Team. Put a phone number if you like!

Put the signed picture in the frame now and march into the restaurant and present it to the manager or owner. What do you think he or she will do? You are right… he or she will tack it to the wall in the most conspicuous place ever! Because you just gave the restaurant a GREAT compliment. And guess what?

You just got yourself a free advertisement that could be seen
by hundreds of people right in your community every single day! 

We spoke about this at TBSE in November and a short time after that our good friends at Centerville Family Dental in Centerville, OH took our advice. And they scored a place on the wall of China Dynasty, a VERY busy restaurant! Take a look below!

Great job guys!

How about you? Are you ready to try it? It works just about every time. We suggest a family or independently owned restaurant as opposed to a big chain. Let us know how this works for you. Send us pictures please!!!

By the way, some of you still don’t know that we do in-office coaching. That’s right, we (The Brothers) can come directly to you and help you with ideas to build your practice. It will be the most exciting day that you and your team will ever spend in dentistry! We are comprehensive and we are the best around. We have over 22 years of teaching success to dentists and team members. Note the use of the term “team members!” We don’t just come in and speak to the doc. We involve everyone, we make it fun, and we know what we are doing. Our schedule is proof! We are very booked so please call now (1-888-88-MADOW) if you are interested in knowing more.

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