Your Patients Will “Like” This

One of the things we love the best is finding out about new products that will build your practice and turning you on to them. Well, here’s a fantastic one from Whiter Image Dental.

We’ve already told you about their great “Chic-Flic” pen and their extremely low cost whitening products. Now they have done it again with the “Mini Whitening Pen.” Why do we like this so much?

  • Extremely low price – just $7.50 per pen
  • So inexpensive you can use it as a giveaway at each appointment
  • Gets patients excited about whitening so you can progress them to at-home custom tray whitening
  • Patients show their friends which stirs up talk about your practice
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Great answer to “What do you think about White-Strips?”
  • They are fun!

Best of all, these are fantastic for your Social Media marketing! Imagine how many people would “like” your Facebook page if you had a sign or placard in your office which read:

Please “LIKE” our Facebook page and get a Mini-Whitening pen absolutely FREE!

We have never heard of anyone who had too many “likes” – but there is a first time for everything!

You can probably come up with a few more creative ways to use these in your practice – so let us know!

To order, please call Whiter Image Dental at 1-877-944-8330 or visit them at

Your patients will love these!

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