Zero to 60 New Patients in Just Two Months!

It’s TRUE! One of our dentists in Pennsylvania recently went from ZERO to 60 new patients in just two months simply by using his laptop computer! It’s an amazing story and we are going to be telling the whole thing this coming Wednesday evening in a free webinar/teleseminar!

Here’s the quick story: Dr. Lev Bodak, a really nice dentist in a town called Media, PA, outside of Philadelphia, had no online presence. Absolutely nothing! He didn’t even own a laptop computer! He realized that most of the people in his area were starting to look for their dentist online, as opposed to the Yellow Pages. He came to us for help. Well, we taught him some of the things he could do very quickly to become THE “go to dentist” in his town. He listened to our advice.

A short time later we received the following letter.

Dear Madow Brothers,

We began attending the Madow programs about a year and a half ago. Up until that time, we relied on word-of-mouth and internal marketing to sustain our long-established practice. Many patients had been with us for 25 years. As they passed away, or moved away, our patient volume began to decline. Although our dentistry was state-of-the-art, our business procedures were out-of-date. We tried several types of external marketing strategies that were unsuccessful and costly. Then, at my wife’s suggestion, she and I attended our first Madow Brothers seminar.

Gradually, by tailoring your advice to our office as well as developing some of our own ideas, we invigorated our practice. It is exciting to see our vibrant and dynamic office growing monthly! Over a year ago, we began using your new resident marketing subscription tools and continuing education CDs. Although things were improving, progress was still slow.

Then we attended your Social Media Market Summit in Baltimore. It seems hard to believe that was only just four months ago. At that time, we had no presence on the internet, and by “no” I mean zero. However,we were determined to correct that with hard work. We developed our search engine optimized website, Our patients happily gave video and written testimonials. As prospective patients began finding us, the phones rang. We now appoint nearly everyone who calls by applying your dental appointment scheduling techniques. In the past four weeks, our new patient volume has quadrupled and we are #1 on Google for many of our services. Yesterday, we had a last-minute cancellation so we sent out a Tweet and e-mail offering a discount. Less than 2 minutes later, the appointment was filled!

We love helping our patients and seeing them smile again. Our vibrant, exciting practice is joyful work. Thank you for giving us the tools we needed, and don’t stop doing it!

Dr. Catherine Bodak-Gyovai
Dr. Levente Bodak-Gyovai

We are going to be telling and teaching the entire story of “ZERO to 60 New Patients in Just Two Months” this coming Wednesday evening at 9PM Eastern Time and it is a not to be missed event! It is totally FREE, so grab your pencil and paper, follow along on your computer because there is going to be some great practice building information that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Here is a small example of what you will learn:

– What does your website say about your practice?
– What are keywords and why are they important?
– Stop buying google ads for $5, $10 each and learn about buying them at only 5 cents each!
– Learn how to use the internet to listen what people are saying about their dentists and what makes them happy, mad, and frustrated
– Do you have patient testimonials? Are they just ok?
– How do you take it up a notch & create “Rock Star” patient testimonials?
– What do you actually do with your “Rock Star” patient testimonials?
– What is Yelp and why should you care?
– What is this Social Media and what does it have to do with your practice?
– If you thought FaceBook was just for college kids, you are wrong – it is a valuable practice building tool and you need to know why!
– Tweeting, Twitter, Twatter ? What is this Twitter and how can you use it to get new patients?
– And so much more that we will have your head spinning!

The game has changed and people are online more than ever. The average person spends 68 hours online per month. Will they be able to find your practice online? Will you be able to make some easy changes and be “THE DENTIST” that everyone in your area knows about and is talking about?

For the sake of your practice, you owe it to yourself to be on this webinar Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. It is totally FREE! Will we see you then?

“ZERO to 60 New Patients in Just Two Months!”
A FREE Madow Webinar!
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
9:00PM Eastern Time
Your cost: FREE
Link to register for webinar:

If you will not be in front of a computer, you can still dial in as a free teleseminar:

Dial in number: 323-417-4600
Access Code: 383-781-313
Please note – If you do the dial in only, you will be able to “listen only” and will not be able to ask questions.

We will be starting exactly at 9PM ET so please make sure you get in and are all set at least 5-10 minutes early. We expect to be full!

See you then!

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